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Special terms used in Apollo 23


A secret advanced radar development project called "B-pan" (named after Bezuapan, Mexico) where presumed alien technological artifacts were found in 1959. The "alien artifacts" are actually remnants from a previous time travel mission (that ended the Olmec Reality) to ancient Mesoamerica that resulted in creation of the Tehuantepec Script and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.


General term used to refer to any social group that traces its origins back to Earth. Most of Genesaunt civilization exists in secret bases scattered through the Solar System and on worlds of nearby star systems. The Observers and the Overseers are two distinct Genesaunt groups, but most Genesaunts are not involved with monitoring events on Earth.


Hierions are a type of fundamental particle (a boson) not yet known to our science. Hierions are used extensively by Huaoshy technology. For example, Hierions allow for faster-then-light communications and information transfer. The key "Olmec Artifact" that allows Earth humans to discover the existence of aliens is a device that uses Hierions for scanning, like an advance form of radar. The time traveler who ended the Olmec Reality was equipped with the scanning device to allow him to precisely predict the time of eruption of a volcano.


The Huaoshy are the aliens in Apollo 23; they originated on the planet Solatun. They always appear to humans using the form of their biological bodies, but for hundreds of millions of years they have existed as artificial life forms with nanoscopic components rather than biological cells. They can rearrange their nanote components and take on any form and appearance they choose.

The Huaoshy are guided by their Rules of Intervention. These Rules, developed after many disastrous interactions with other species, restrict the kinds of interactions that a more technologically advanced culture is allowed have with a less advanced culture. Note: just as often, these "rules" are called the "Laws of Intervention"

Law One

It should APPEAR to every type of sentient being that they have self-determination and are not being controlled by more technologically advanced life forms.

Rule One

When possible, simply keep less advanced cultures ignorant of more advanced cultures.

Rule Two

If rule one cannot be followed, make it APPEAR that advanced cultures follow a rule by which they can only observe less advanced cultures, not interfere with the development and self-determination of other cultures.

Rule Three

If rule two cannot be achieved for some individuals then they should be put into into an environment where they have interactions with the social group that they perceive to be depriving them of self-determination.

Law Two

While not disrupting Law #1, attempts should be made to get technologically advanced life forms off of planets with active ecosystems while maximizing the diversity of life.

Rule Four

As intelligent species move off of planets, a hierarchy of cultures with different technological levels should be established in which species mainly have contact with other levels that are nearest to their own.

Rule Five

Systems should be engineered that allow life forms to explore their own growth and potential for development rather than being concerned with Intervening in the self-determination of others.

Law Three

The Three Laws should be spread through the universe.

Rule Six

Since biological organisms are not well-suited for travel over vast distances, artificial life forms must be created in order to help satisfy Law Three.


Interventionist is a term applied to elements of Genesaunt culture who try to accelerate technological progress on Earth using methods that put Earthlings at risk for a technological disaster.

Long Count calendar

A calendar created by a time traveler. The Calendar was designed to mark the year 2012.

Moon Base

The Huaoshy made use of a hidden sub-surface base for their Observations of Earth. The base was abandoned after Tulghik began working with humans.


Nanotes are functional complexes of nanotechnology devices. Overseers, by making use of nanote implants that are provided by the Huaoshy, are able to change their appearance.


Humans such as Sakir who study the humans on Earth. Observers are a small element of Genesaunt culture.

Olmec Artifact

"Olmec Artifact" is the terminology used by members of the B-pan Project to refer to artifacts from Central America that seem to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Olmec Reality

This was a previous Reality in which human civilization on Earth was destroyed in the year we know as 2012.


Humans such as Deltarshi who guide the much larger population of Observers.


The term "Reality" is used to refer to a particular timeline in the course of events.


Sedrons are a type of fermion that makes possible the time travel technology of the Huaoshy.

Tehuantepec Script

A written language that was first used by a time traveler sent back to Mesoamerica to terminate the Olmec Reality.

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