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This is the main "meta" page for development of the plot for the science fiction story Apollo 23. Collaborating authors can use this page to plan the plot. See also: the main planning page for the story.


The story is under development...


Apollo 23 is a time travel story where an alien (Tulghik) and a few Genesaunts must use time travel to correct an "alternate timeline" (called the "Mauro Reality", named after the Fra Mauro formation on the Moon).

The Mauro Reality is actually the result of previous attempts (see Swigert Reality) to prevent Earthlings from discovering the existence of aliens. The problem that must be "corrected" is that during the 1980s (when the Apollo program continues and reaches mission Apollo 23) humans on Earth discover that aliens are watching Earth and guiding the development of humanity. The aliens do not want the people of Earth to become aware of the existence of the aliens, so they make use of their time travel technology to prevent humans from discovering the existence of the aliens.

The story starts in the year 2053, deep inside Jupiter's moon, Himalia, where Sakir is part of a simulation of Earth's past. The first chapter introduces Sakir and shows her departure from Himalia after being assigned to the alien Base on Hektor, an asteroid that holds the main time travel portal for trips into Earth's past. Like most people, Sakir has been taught that time travel is not possible.

Commander Deltarshi is in charge of a Base on Hektor where plans have been made for sending Sakir back in time to 1969 so that she can alter the history of Earth. However, there have already been several previous uses of time travel on Earth. Most recently, former astronaut Jack Swigert has been removed from Earth in 1980 and taken to Hektor in the year 2044 (see details on the time travel events at Apollo 23 restrictions on time travel).

In the "Mauro Reality" Apollo 13 has a successful mission to the Fra Mauro formation on the Moon. In the "Mauro Reality", Jack Swigert is Commander of the Apollo 14 mission to the Moon. Before joining NASA, Jack worked on a secret advanced radar development project called "B-pan" (named after Bezuapan, Mexico, where presumed alien technological artifacts were found in 1959). The "alien artifacts" are actually remnants from a previous time travel mission to ancient Mesoamerica (by Pultep) that resulted in creation of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.

When Sakir is sent to 1969 (completing a "triple switch" involving Jill and a nanote balance mass), the resulting reality change greatly alters the life of Jack. In the new Reality Jack flies on the Apollo 13 mission during which the hierion-based scanning device (one of the Olmec Artifacts) is destroyed. In this Reality, Jack is replaced by a clone that is programmed to die of cancer. Jill lives with and cares for the clone while it dies of cancer.

However, the Reality created by Sakir's actions on Earth again only delays the discovery of aliens by Earthlings. Jill is later tricked by an Interventionist into revealing the location of the base on Hektor. Tulghik must perform one final act of time travel, removing Sakir from Earth in 2001, preventing her from revealing the location of the base on Hektor. Tulghik decides to return Sakir to 2053 where she and Jack are now the same physiological age.

The aliens greatly prize planets like Earth that have rich and complex ecosystems. Since the aliens have long ago made a copy of Earth they are no longer very interested in what happens on Earth, particularly since humanity has already destroyed itself. However, a few aliens such as Tulghik specialize in trying to help self-destructive creatures like humans. Readers of the story are presented with a struggle between humans on Earth (mainly members of the secret B-pan Project who are trying to find evidence that aliens secretly visit Earth and those who want to keep the existence of aliens a secret (Tulghik and Deltarshi). Sakir has to decide which side she is on.


Proposed sequence of chapters.

Part I.

Chapter 1: Himalia

In 2027 Sakir is born at a simulation of Earth that exists inside the moon Himalia. Sakir participates for 5 years (2048-2053) in a simulation of a secret U.S. government project called B-pan that investigates technological artifacts (see Olmec Artifact). Most of the residents of Himalia are robots who behave like the residents of Earth. In the year 2053, the simulated Earth year is 1969.

This chapter introduces the reader to Sakir and her life within the Himalia simulation.

Needed scene: a tangential introduction to Sakir's work; possibly have her trying to avoid talking to Lieutenant Phillip Rundel by working on a crossword puzzle. She discovers that he is good at such puzzles. He starts talking about Alan Turing. Sakir recalls that her supervisor spoke to her about Bletchley Park and British military code and cypher work. She wonders if she has been given an assignment in England as a way to start getting her involved with some secret English group involved in deciphering logographic texts.

Upon departing from Himalia, Sakir learns that she is being taken to Hektor.

Chapter 2: Hektor

Sakir arrives at Hektor and is met at the space docks by Commander Deltarshi. Sakir is surprised to meet an alien, Tulghik, who is working with Deltarshi. Only on rare and special occasions do humans have a chance to see an alien. Sakir learns that she is the clone of an Earth woman and that the parents she grew up with in Himalia are not her biological parents.

This chapter provides a brief introduction to the time travel mission that Sakir has been selected to carry out. She must go back to 1970 and participate in a new Reality where Jack Swigert is on the Apollo 13 mission to the Moon. The aliens plan to make sure that Jack dies when there is an explosion during the Apollo 13 mission, but Sakir is not told about the plan to kill Jack.

In this chapter the reader learns some of the "back story" from Tulghik and Deltarshi. Some aspects of the mission are not emphasized and Sakir is not told that she will be left in the past (1970) on Earth after completing her time travel mission. Tulghik wants Sakir to remain on Earth and take action in the event of any additional discoveries by Earthlings of evidence related to the existence of aliens. Tulghik and Deltarshi help Sakir with final preparations for her mission to Earth. Saikir is given access to reports that describe the previous realities of Earth.

Chapter 3: Olmec Reality

Sakir starts by reading the report about the "Querkad Reality". She then reads about the Olmec Reality.

In the Olmec Reality, after the abandoned Moon Base is found. Earthlings begin to aggressively search the Solar System for more signs of aliens. Earth humans discover some active Genesaunt bases (such as the base at Himalia). Realizing that the robots of Himalia have nanoscopic components, Earthlings try to duplicate Huaoshy nanites which leads to a technological disaster.

Robot Velse then helps Sakir prepare a meal.

Chapter 4: Apollo 23

Sakir studies the reports on "Swigert Reality I" and "Swigert Reality II", which summarize how the removal of Jack Swigert from Earth in 1980 alters the Apollo 23 mission to the Moon, but fails to prevent Earthlings from eventually discovering proof that the aliens exist. It will tell the story of how Jack Swigert helps make use of advanced radar-like equipment discovered in Bezuapan, Mexico to detect a secret space base on the Moon and discover that aliens have long been visitors to Earth. This discovery takes place during the Apollo 23 mission in 1993 in the Swigert Reality.

Chapter 5: Mauro Reality

Sakir learns details about the Reality that she lives in, particularly how the "B Artifact" is discovered and used by the B-pan project, allowing Earthlings to learn about aliens even after Jack is replaced by his clone and Jill is removed from Earth. Sakir talks again with Deltarshi before meeting Jack.

Chapter 6: So, Tell Me Please...

Continues the day after events in Chapter Hektor. Sakir meets Jack Swigert. Sakir tries to obtain from Jack any information that might be useful during her mission on Earth.

Possibly its own chapter: Deltarshi and Tulghik meet and discuss issues raised by Sakir. Tulghik's comments will provide some of the backstory. Tulghik, the individual as known to Deltarshi is an "appendage" of a distributed Huaoshy who has many ongoing experiments in throughout our galaxy and several others. All of Tulghik's appendages are linked by hierion-based communications. From about 3,000,000 to 15,000 years before present, there was no active Huaoshy "appendage" in the Sol System. During that time, Velse was in charge of a small Earth Observation program that had two functions: 1) to prevent Interventionists form changing the course of human evolution on Earth, and 2) to test genetic modifications for impact on human language behavior. Velse introduced favorable genetic alterations into the human population on Earth. Velse also controlled the Nemang geothermal flow station, which allowed for frequent shifts in climate pattern during the Pleistocene. The Nemang station is under the island of Sumatra and its vast array of nanites are able to control the rate of thermal energy transfer from the Nemang subduction zone to the overlying ocean. Slowing the rate of energy transfer was used by Velse to slip Earth into a period of cooling. The rapid induced swings in climate helped prevent humans from developing a sedentary agricultural life style during the Pleistocene. The Tulghik appendage began operating on Earth at the start of an experiment to test if humans could establish a stable technological civilization. At that time (start of the Holocene), the Observer base on the Moon was abandoned. Nanites were allowed to "digest" the base, leaving only some hard-to detect geological evidence behind.

Chapter 9: We Have A Problem

This will probably expand to several chapters and tell the story of Sakir's time travel mission to Earth in 1969. She makes sure that Jack is part of the Apollo 13 mission and she goes to Bezuapan, Mexico, and removes a buried artifact that in the Mauro Reality was used to help understand an advanced scanning device, allowing the device to be reverse engineered, giving Earth humans advanced radar-like technology and allowing them to find a secret base under the surface of the Moon. However, Sakir's time travel mission to Earth creates a new Reality, our reality, in which the secret Moon Base is not discovered.

Chapter 10: Crab

Describes what happens to Jack's Clone after Sakir's time travel mission to Earth in 1969. Rather than come to understand the advanced scanning device, archeologists find an amulet that holds the nanites from an ancient time traveler who created the Swigert Reality by going back to Mesoamerica in 300 BCE and preventing the development of the Olmec culture into the first industrial society of Earth. While studying advanced technology artifacts that were found in 1959, Jack's clone also examines the amulet's miscroscopic inscriptions. When exposed to an electron microscope, the amulet releases nanites that infect Jack's clone. Not finding a human body with genetic structures that had been prepared for them, the nanites induce cancers in Jack. At the end of the story, Sakir attends the funeral of Jack's clone. Sakir wonders if she will be allowed to live out her life on Earth or if she might someday be taken back to the future or into space.

Note: Maybe the aliens could cure Jack's Clone, just to be nice.
It might be possible for Sakir to save him. Possibly her genes have been modified to protect her from the known dangers of nanite "infections". Possibly she could use the primitive genetic engineering methods of early 1980s Earth to introduce into his body the protective genetic elements that she carries inside her cells. However, while Jack's clone survives, Sakir must hide the facts of how it was possible for her to save him. They slip away and live secretly in Australia until...
I like that better. Thanks. :) Writer 10

Part II

Finally, in 1992, the aliens can again use their time travel technology on Earth. They remove Sakir and Jack from Earth, starting Part II of the story.

Sakir and Jack travel to a "duplicate Earth" that has been created by the aliens.

Duplicate Earth

The duplicate Earth (including all of its inhabitants, and all their memories) has the whole area of the known universe in the 1990's, minus Jack. They put this area of the known universe in a fairly empty area of their known Universe, which is about 7 million HUW's (human universe widths) from the humans' known universe. They then put the original Jack there. Jack doesn't know the difference... just for some weird reason... the aliens leave Jack alone all of the sudden.

However, the aliens much do much politicking within their own civilization to be able to have this happen. While this is technologically possible for this 600 million year old civilization, it still takes lots of energy, and resources.

A 600 million year old civilization has the capability of being able to do this sort of thing.

Alien politicking

In one of the research galaxies of the alien race, System Jaleex, in the capital star system, on the capital planet Jareel, was where they would have to get approval to create the duplicate Universe to save their experiment and not have to destroy any humans in the process of doing so.

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