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Welcome To The Most Self Indulgent Internet Wiki!

This is The Self Indulgence Wiki! This is a fun wiki, so have fun here. It is meant to help facilitate healthy self indulgence.

If you are under 18 years of age, then go Google and find something else more wholesome.

If you would like to edit a fun wiki that has more serious scope, visit Wikademia.

Do pretty much whatever you want here on this wiki. Just keep it like PG-13 at worst, please. Write stuff, play around, write a poem or lyrics, or experiment. Have fun here. Play around. Enjoy yourself! Pretend you are on a vacation. This wiki offers much fun stuff to do online! It is incredibly incredible. Create galleries.

What should do you do if you say to yourself, "I am bored"? Do you want to have some fun online? Yes? Join this wiki. And be sure to checkout the wonderful poems! Is there anything wrong with a little self-indulgence on occasion? Are you bored at home?!! Poor you. Don't edit Wikipedia. Edit this self indulgent wiki now to your hearts content. It might bring so much joy to your life, you will have a hard time believing it. This is mean to be an entertaining and fun wiki. Don't be bored, have fun here, since this is obviously one of the most fun websites on the whole Internet. Indulge a bit. Have fun, but don't cause trouble. Ask yourself if you should wonder about walruses.

There are currently about 1,669 pages here at Self Indulgence. This wiki is about self-indulgence and more... it is alright to be a little self indulgent on occasion.

Maybe throw away your television and use your creativity.

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