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Outlaw motorcycle club patches are patches and pins worn by outlaw motorcycle club members to express attitudes, display rank, show affiliation, commemorate events, or simply for decoration.

List of some patch abbreviations

*.F.F.*.: This acronym is used by clubs to denote "*Club Name Forever, Forever *Club Name." Variations of this also occur, as clubs use the first letters in their club name (Hells Angels use A.F.F.A. - Angels Forever Forever Angels, Sons Of Silence use S.F.F.S. - Sons Forever Forever Sons).[1]

1%: This patch is associated with any bikers who consider themselves part of the "outlaw" biker community. It is in reference to the American Motorcycle Association stating that 99% of motorcyclist are law abiding citizens.

9: or 9er A patch denoting American Indian descent ( "I" being the ninth letter in the alphabet)most commonly found among members of the Indios MC.

13: This can be found on a patch alone or in conjunction with other symbols. There are three definitions to what it means, the most common being associated with drugs and narcotics.

  • The letter M, being the 13th letter of the alphabet, often is said to stand for marijuana or motorcycle. Generally, it is assumed someone wearing a 13 patch is either a user of marijuana or other drugs, or is involved with the sale of them rather than 13/M simply standing for Motorcycle.
  • An episode of the History Channel's Gangland states that the M stands for "methamphetamine" for the Sons of Silence motorcycle club.[1]
  • The third definition of a 13 patch is that the wearer is his own judge & jury - this is due to 13 standing for 12 jurors and a judge.
  • There are more definitions of what a "13" patch stands for, most of which are specific to a particular club and usually known only to members of that club.

Ace Of Spades: This can mean several things, but the general meaning is that the wearer will defend themselves to the last breath should the need arise, even if it results in someone else's death. This is particularly the case if the AOS patch contains a skull or the words "Bringer Of Death".

Bad Influence: means that the wearer is a mad man

Charity Run Pins: Charity pins are pins awarded for attending and riding in a charity run. In the run donations are made, and support for the cause is shown through riding in a large group with other supports. Charity pins usually state the year, particular charity, and often the club that hosts the run.

D.B.B.N.F. Downed Brothers, But Never Forgotten

DILLIGAF: Do I look like I give a fuck.

DTA "Don't trust anybody"

Flags: These usually mean one of two things.

  • The first meaning could indicate where the person is from, or where they draw lineage or family from.
  • The second meaning, particularly in the case with Harley Davidson riders, the flag indicates the country the brand of their motorcycle comes from.

FTW "Fuck the world"

G.F.O.D.: "God Forgives Outlaws Don't", worn to indicate the disdain bikers have for snitches.

I.T.C.O.B.: "I Took Care Of Business", usually worn by a club member who has committed a murder on behalf or in the best interest of the club.[1]

Less than 1%er Patch commonly worn by members of the Indios MC, a humorous play on the fact that American Indians constitute less than 1% of the American population.

MC/MCC: MC or MCC stands for Motorcycle Club, often worn on the back of a vest in addition to top and bottom rockers and club logo.

Memorial Patches: These patches usually start off with "In Memory Of...", followed by a name and either the date the named person has died or the years in which they were alive. Sometimes the patch will also contain a message in their honor, such as "We will never forget you". These patches are worn to memorialize friends or club mates who have died for any number of reasons.

Men Of Mayhem: This is usually worn by a club member who has committed violence against someone on behalf or in the best interest of the club. Usually it is given for committing murder.

OWOF This is usually worn by a club member of the Boozefighters MC and stands for Original Wild Ones Forever.

President: This indicates the wearer is the president for either the club he/she is involved with, or president for the chapter of the club he/she is involved with.

Rally Badges/Pins: Rally badges or pins are awarded for attendance to a bike rally. The rally itself may be for charitable causes, but the difference between a rally and run is that the rally is often set over one or two nights, with live entertainment and other activities. Bikers often pitch tents and rough it over the duration of the rally.

Road Names: Often worn on a bikers vest is a patch strip with a name on it. This is the road name, or name they go by while riding. These names can simply be a nickname given by friends, or a designation given to the biker by someone higher in rank in the club they are in.

Secretary: This indicates the wearer is the secretary for either the club he/she is involved with, or Secretary for the chapter of the club he/she is involved with.

Sergeant At Arms: This indicates the wearer is the sergeant at arms for either the club he/she is involved with, or sergeant at arms for the chapter of the club he/she is involved with.

Skull & Crossbones: This indicates the wearer has physically fought and possibly caused a death, in defending themselves, friends, or club mates.

SMD "Suck my dick"

Vice President: This indicates the wearer is the vice president for either the club he/she is involved with, or vice president for the chapter of the club he/she is involved with.

Wings: A number of clubs use patches containing wings, to indicate achievements the person has reached within the club. The meanings of the different colored wings varies depending on the club. Some clubs use other forms of patches to indicate achievements.


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