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Naomi is a fictional character from the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. The youngest daughter of housekeeper Berta, she is played by actress Sara Rue,[1] and was created by Chuck Lorre. Naomi appears in 2 episodes during Season 4 of the TV series, and at the end of the first episode she appears in, she gives birth to a daughter named Brittany-Pam.


At the beginning of the episode "Repeated Blows to His Unformed Head", Naomi shows up at the doorstep of Charlie and Alan Harper. Naomi is visibly pregnant when she shows up, and as Alan answers the door, he automatically believes that Naomi must have been someone who Charlie had slept with in the past. As soon as Berta approaches, she reveals that the woman at Charlie and Alan's doorstep is in fact, Naomi, her youngest daughter. Berta describes Naomi to Alan and Charlie as the "light of her life" and "a little angel who swooped down from Heaven and landed on a married man." The married man Berta was referring to is Ronald Wiedermeier, a Drug Dealer and Meth Lab Operator who resides in an extremely run down Los Angeles area neighborhood known as Rancho Pacoima. Berta does not let her daughter Naomi waste too much time chatting with Charlie and Alan and tells her to "get to work" right away, and that she needs to support herself with some dignity and learn to make her own way in life in order to support herself and the baby. Meanwhile, Alan reveals a secret fetish that he has for pregnant women and ends up following Naomi around, helping her with the chores her mother assigned her to do, and later he rubs Naomi's belly. Back in Charlie's room, Charlie tries to use the bathroom but he finds Berta crying in there because she's extremely disappointed that Naomi was the smartest of her children and yet she screwed up so badly. Charlie comforts Berta but it backfires on Charlie when Berta talks him into going out to see Ronald at his run-down meth lab in Rancho Pacoima. After the visit to Rancho Pacoima, Charlie and Berta return to Charlie's house to find that Naomi is going into labor and Alan is coaching her through the birth-giving process. At the end of the episode, in the hospital room, Naomi decides that after counting back the weeks, Ronald can't be the father after all, because, even though he wanted to mate with her, that he was in a burn unit at the time and his skin kept sliding off. Berta then reveals to Naomi that she got her $4,000 from Ronald, although it was really $5,000, and Berta would keep $1,000 for herself.[2]

In the episode "Castrating Sheep in Montana", Charlie finds that Berta is laying in his bed because she's upset that she has to take care of Naomi's daughter, Brittany-Pam, while Naomi is out messing around with some other guy. Meanwhile, Alan tells Charlie that he's been dating someone as well. It is later revealed that Alan is in fact seeing Naomi. Alan is worried about how Berta will take the news about him dating her daughter Naomi. However, when Naomi shows up at the Harper residence, the couple pretends not to remember each other, and Berta finally discovers that Alan's the person that Naomi's been running around with. Berta welcomes Alan into the family and showers her best-ever potential son-in-law-to-be with treats. Alan has a change of heart and wants out of the relationship, as he feels that Berta's being "unusually" nice to him. Charlie tells Alan to just let the relationship run its natural course like it always has in the past. Naomi makes Alan invite the Harpers over for a family dinner at Berta's house, at which point Evelyn decides to "cut Alan loose". At Berta's house, Hector, Brittany-Pam's real father, shows up while they're still eating dinner. Initially, Berta and Naomi are unhappy with Hector showing up at the house, but when Charlie quietly tells Alan that his relationship "has run its natural course", even though it really hasn't, Alan takes advantage of this opportunity to get out of the relationship and says, "Here's a toast, to Hector and Naomi." At this point, it is presumed that Naomi and Hector are getting back together again and Alan no longer sees Naomi after this episode. Naomi has not been seen again in the series ever since the end of "Castrating Sheep in Montana".[3]