Risk 2210 AD – Aerial Assault Command Deck

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Aerial Assault Command Deck

Risk 2210 AD – Aerial Assault Command Deck is a twenty card expansion deck to the Risk 2210 A.D. game, released in April 2008. This is one of the most recent offerings from InsurgencyGaming.Com and is designed to be used alongside the original game - either being used in place of an existing command deck of the players choice or with the use of an additional command token.

The major change brought with the Aerial Assault command deck is the introduction of the new Aerial Commander. Unlike previous expansion decks, the Aerial Assault deck comes with two neutral coloured commanders in order that they may be slotted directly into game play as and when required. Each of these new commanders, once brought into play, allows the player who owns them to fly a Sortie at the beginning of each of their turns prior to making a standard attack. At any point where the Aerial commander is not flying a sortie it may be moved like any other commander and also receives the standard d8 defensive dice.

Each card within the Aerial Assault deck has a standard backing showing a brightly coloured aerial scene. Each card face on the other hand has a unique graphic pertaining to the gaming dynamics that each card offers whilst also listing the turn order and game play instructions.

Flying a sortie

Each sortie flight takes part in three of distinct stages:

  • Outbound Flight
  • Bombing
  • Return Flight

A full breakdown of all rules pertaining to this additional feature are included with each deck.

Card Lists & Spoiler

Name Cost Turn Order Errata No. In Deck
Propaganda - - - 3
Resurrection 2 This card is to be played after another player declared an invasion into one of the playing player's territories. If the territory being attacked is lost before the end of the attacking player's turn then half of the Mods present in that territory resurrected. These Mods can then be placed on any neighbouring territory controlled by the defending player. 3
Phoenix - - - 3
Storm Troopers 0 This card should be played before an attack is declared. This cards instructs the playing player to draw 3 cards - one of each territory type (land, water & lunar). That player then gets to place two extra Mods on each of the drawn territories they own and three Mods on any empty territory. 4
Kamakaze - - - 2
Aerial Assault - - - 2
Air Raid 1 This card should be played before an attack is declared. For one turn only an opponent controlled territory with a space station loses all benefits of that space station. 2
Dark Angel 5 This card should be played before an attack is declared. Once player, all cards that have been played already during the game are shuffled back into their respective decks as though they hadn't been played at all. 1

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