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Zim or Invader Zim, the title character of the Invader Zim, is a short Irken defective, who despite his size feels he is superior to and unchallenged by the other Irkens and universal creatures, due to his intelligence, ingenuity, skill in many applications, and destructively inclined nature. This seems to imply that he suffers from a Napoleon complex. He can be a very irritable, impatient, anger-driven, and sometimes accident prone character, but enjoys good snacks and loves to invent and create new things. Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of the show, stated in an IGN interview: "I always imagined Zim as just being utterly unaware of his shortcomings, to a dangerous extent even. He's not really stupid, but he's got some problems getting priorities straight. He's this alien from an incredibly advanced race (technologically anyhow), with access to a universe of power. And yet he stays in school all day, enduring it, hating it, fearing it and freaking out about it. The thought of sneaking out or setting a robot in his place never crosses his mind. He gets so caught up with the most unimportant details, he ends up getting nothing done; He gets a giant robot, and his plan is to go beat Dib up. It was cool to remind people that he really was in control of some impressive stuff, but that his sense of control was so horrible that it didn't matter if his plans were ."Template:Citation needed

Invader Zim

Having already exceeded the expectations of and surprising the Almighty Tallest by arriving on Earth, Zim continues by establishing a base of operations, arranging disguises for himself and GIR, and even creating the Robo-Parents. To go a step further, he enrolls himself in the nearest "Skool", where he hopes to attain information concerning this planet's weaknesses and possible destruction. During his first day in class, he is recognized by and becomes instant enemies with Dib, a young Paranormal enthusiast who had overheard a satellite transmission of the Great Assigning from his rooftop one night, and knew someone was coming. From this day on, Zim attempts to take over this insane, deluded planet, though Dib stands alone to stop him at every turn.

In the first episode, The Nightmare Begins, he is the new kid in Skool and Dib, the most hated kid in Skool, tries to prove he is an alien, but fails. After Skool, Zim battles with Dib all over the town and eventually calls GIR for help. They quickly fly home on GIR's jet pack-like gadget. He walks in and says smiling: "I feel good about how today went". As he talks with the Almighty Tallest, he explains about Earth and his mission as GIR falls on his head and the episode ends.

Zim hates the "Angry/Scary Monkey Show", which is featured in many episodes, and which GIR loves.

All Irkens, including Zim, do not have families or relatives. This fact is proven in the episode, "Parent Teacher Night," and shows Zim as having been created in an Irken birthing facility, and removed from an incubation cylinder by nothing more than a "cold, unfeeling robot arm." They all also have no human organs, but they have a "squeedily spooch",an all-purpose organ mentioned in the episode "Dark Harvest." Zim walks or marches in a goose step.


Zim is a short, green alien who comes from planet Irk, which is frequently mentioned in the series. Because of his stature, Zim disguises himself as a human child. Despite his tendency to vociferously malign humans as a species, his undisguised green skin, and a severe allergy to water, among other things, no human realizes that he is an alien, with the exception of Dib and Gaz, who doesn't care. In spite of his slight build, Zim occasionally displays superhuman strength and agility, although due to the show's lack of continuity, these traits are not always present. He is never without his PAK, a backpack-like piece of equipment that sustains Zim's life, and has long, retractable spider-like arms mostly used for mobility purposes. Zim constantly schemes to enslave or destroy mankind, and despite his access to potent Irken technology, his plans, frequently based on misconceptions, are never successful. He also has ruby colored eyes, but Zim's usual disguise consists of contact lenses and a black hairpiece. When interrogated by Dib in the first episode, "The Nightmare Begins," concerning the flaws in Zim's disguise, Zim quickly explains away his clearly visible green skin as merely being a "skin condition". In the episode "Vindicated!", when one of his contact lenses becomes dislodged, he claims that his red eye is due to pinkeye, "...a normal human illness." He's been known to wear other costumes as well, such as an old man disguise, an elderly woman disguise, a bear suit, a parent costume, and a Santa suit made from a Vortian liquid material. Out of disguise, he dresses in a red cylinder-type shirt and is always seen wearing black gloves on his hands and black boots.

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