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The OUMDC (Oxford University Motor Drivers' Club) is the karting and motorsport club of the University of Oxford. It is one of the university's Blues sports teams as recognised by the Oxford University Sports Federation[1]. The Club's main activity is competing in the BUKC (British Universities Karting Championship) and related Club100 events. Other annual events include Freshers' Karting, Freshers' Sprint and Cuppers Karting, all held either at Whilton Mill or the Rogue Racing indoor track in Aylesbury.


The present OUMDC committee (for 2011/2012) is as follows:

Role Name College
Chairman Rob Jacobs Magdalen
President Sebastian Hirsz New
Captain Jordan Harrison Merton
Treasurer Sunil Gujral St. John's
Secretary Sam Rebbettes Worcester
IT Officer Anthony Nutt St. John's

Past presidents and captains include:

Year President Captain
2011/12 Sebastian Hirsz


Jordan Harrison


2010/11 Sebastian Hirsz


Dmitri Zaporozhets

(St. John's)

2009/10 Nikos Seretis


Sebastian Hirsz


2008/9 David Tan


Steven Gaskell


2007/8 Jamie Harvey

(St Anne's)

David Tan



Any current member of Oxford University can become a member of OUMDC for £10 per year. This entitles the member to discounted entry into most of the club's organised karting events. OUMDC is a Motor Sports Association of Great Britain (MSA) club.


OUMDC is sponsored by BCMS Corporate and Mathys & Squire.


The club's main activity is competing in the British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC) [2]. In the championship over 50 teams from universities across the country compete in 115cc direct drive Club 100 karts, capable of 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds[3].

Oxford have been competing since the championship began using TKM karts in 2002. The racing is split into two formats: (i) 30 minute solo sprint races in the morning, with no fuel stops, and (ii) 1 hour endurance races in the afternoon, where the kart is shared between two drivers, with 2 mandatory pit stops[4]. Grids are randomly generated to give each team the same average position over the course of the day, and rolling starts are used for the races.

Oxford's A-team for the 2012 BUKC is:

Sebastian Hirsz

St John's

Jordan Harrison


Sunil Gujral


Sam Rebbettes


Recent BUKC positions[5]

Year Oxford A Oxford B
2011 19th 35th
2010 33rd 53rd
2009 18th 47th
2008 6th 28th
2007 5th 42nd
2006 15th 30th
2005 23rd 41st
2004 22nd -
2003 30th -
2002 31st -

Other Events


Varsity is the annual race between Oxford and Cambridge. As of 2011, following Club 100's move to Sittingbourne, the race is held at Bayford Meadows and follows the format of a 20 minute sprint race where the top 10 positions are awarded points. The team with the most points takes victory.

The 2011 Varsity team was:

Name College
Sebastian Hirsz New
Dmitri Zaporohets St. John's
Jordan Harrison Merton
Sunil Gujral St. Johns
Guido Pagani Mansfield
Sam Rebbettes Worcester
Tom Rensch Linacre
Shelby Wood -
Josh Burton Oriel
Nathan Hinton Balliol


Year Winning University 1st 2nd 3rd
2011 Oxford Sam Massey (Cam) Jordan Harrison (Ox) Sebastian Hirsz (Ox)

Half Blues

Exceptional drivers at Varsity may be eligible for Half Blues. The criteria required to be met is: "Half Blues awarded to drivers of the Varsity Match team, provided that Oxford wins the race and that the drivers finish in the top three."[6]

In 2011 Half Blues were awarded to Jordan Harrison (Merton) and Sebastian Hirsz (New).

Cuppers Karting

Cuppers is the annual race held between the colleges of Oxford, introduced in the 2002-3 academic year. The format is a two hour endurance race in teams of four; from its inception through to 2009 it was held at Rogue Racing in Aylesbury. From 2010 onwards it was held on the national circuit of Whilton Mill.

There are limitations on the number of competing teams so Cuppers Karting is usually between 12 colleges. The 2010-11 champions were St John's College; the team consisted of Dmitri Zaporozhets (2010-11 university captain), Sunil Gujral, Anthony Nutt and Oliver Montague.

The winners' list for Cuppers Karting is as follows:

Year Winning College Team Lineup
2011 St John's Zaporozhets, Gujral, Nutt, Montague
2010 New Hirsz, Jacobs, Desai, James
2009 LMH Tan, Gaskell, Beremski, McClean
2008 LMH Tan, Gaskell, Beremski, McClean
2007 St Anne's Harvey, Langer, Asver, Gregori
2006 St Anne's Harvey, Langer, Asver, Gregori
2005 Jesus Glanville, Bueno, Cousins, Howl

Freshers' Sprint

2010 saw the inception of the Freshers' Sprint, where new members of the club competed individually in a series of sprint races to find the fastest newcomer. It takes place on the national circuit of Whilton Mill in ProKarts with the format of a 20 min qualifying and then two 20 min sprint races - with points from both races counting towards final results.

Freshers' Sprint Results:

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2010 Tom Bosley


Tom Rensch


Sam Rebbettes



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